LOGO-Bolt Checkout-PROD-TBBoldCheckout™ is the exclusive, convenient rapid-checkout component for the forthcoming MyBookBag™ and MyComicBox ecommerce shopping cart systems for® and™.

Customers will be able to check-out almost instantly by typing a one word or greater phrase that only they know.  No more need to enter a credit card or apply a credit for new purchases.  One phrase does it all, for whatever time-frame the customer sets!

Upon entering the secure BoltCheckout™ phase of the purchase process, the book, comic, or merchandise transaction will be complete and funds will be charged against their MyShelf™ registered account information.  At the same time, the book, comic, or other purchase will be processed and the content or receipt registered in the customer's MyShelf™ account.

BoltCheckout™ is an integral part of the MyBookBag™ and MyComicBox™ shopping cart systems and will provide our customers with the ultimate in easy-pay convenience when purchasing books, comics, merchandise, and other products from®™, and the company’s nine additional web properties.