PocketReader™ – Turning the Page on Conventional E-Reading Apps

PocketReader™ will be Ereading.com®’s free, full-featured e-reading, library management, social networking, and account management app designed just for readers.  PocketReaderr™ will with with both iOS (Apple) and iOS (Android) mobile devices and include:

  • A feature-rich e-reading component that can be operated independently from the app’s other, value-added features in order to preserve the reading experience.
  • A Personal Library Management component that can be used to track and sort personal library lists–not just print, but digital, too–even if books are purchased at competing online bookstores.
  • An on-demand portal to MyEreading.com™, the forthcoming social networking site for readers.
  • Easy, optional purchasing of books and other items from Ereading.com®, as well as the ability to share purchases and personal library titles with friends, family, and other readers via the MyShelf™ Customer Control Panel or an account on the future MyEreading.com™ social network for readers.


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The Incredible MyShelf™ and MyEreading.com™ Compatible E-reading, Social Networking and Personal Library Management App


for iOS and Android Mobile Devices