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Eight Integrated Web Properties.  Millions of Books, Comics, and Other Reading-Related Products. The Ultimate Destination for Readers™.


At Ereading.com® we’re developing a powerful, feature-packed online bookstore designed to merge cutting-edge technology with innovative features that will change the way people enjoy and share their love of books and reading. 

With more than 22 million new and used print books, ebooks, audio books, and reading-related merchandise items in inventory, this will soon make Ereading.com ® the largest independent online bookstore in the world!

In fact, the products and services sold by Ereading.com ® and all of the company’s nine in-development web properties have been carefully chosen to inspire a love of the written word while at the same time enhancing the reading habits of adults and children alike.  But we're not going to stop there.

We're building the future of reading.  One customer at a time.

By the end of year one, customers at Ereading.com ® will be able to utilize our forthcoming social networking site for readers, to interact with other book lovers, share their opinions about books and authors, recommend their favorite titles, and provide feedback that will help us to constantly improve their experience—not just at Ereading.com ® but at all of our forthcoming divisions.

Best of all, every purchase made at Ereading.com ® and our other websites, including launchwords.com™, will help to support a variety of global literacy and education causes through our Read and Change the World™ Direct Donation and Select Grants Program.

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With your help, each year to a growing number of non-profit charities, schools, and organizations will receive a generous stream of donations and grants under the Read and Change the WorldTM program.  Simply put, as you, your family and friends shop at Ereading.com ® and our other divisions, you will be helping to foster literacy while increasing educational opportunities around the world.

So when you give yourself and the ones you love the gift of reading, you truly do change the world…one word, and one dollar, at a time.  That’s another reason why we’ve chosen to make Ereading.com ® a for-profit company with a social mission.  It’s also one of the many reasons we’ve already achieved outside investment in Eread Technologies, Inc.™ and why you may want to join us today.

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Chatsworth, California  – Los Angeles, USA

Founded in 2012 by:

Richard Dean Starr and Erin R. Bower

Ereading.com ® Products and Services to Ultimately be Offered in:

75 countries

Our Global Customer Base:

350 million-plus households across a wide variety of demographics that
purchase physical and digital books, comics, periodicals, and other merchandise on a daily basis

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