Artist and Illustrator Program

1-GlanzmanTraditionally, the publishing, recording, and video game industries have paid artists a flat-rate for their cover illustrations or other artwork and allowed them to retain both the copyright and the original artwork—assuming, of course, that it was conventionally painted and not a digital file.  There are work-for-hire exceptions to this rule, but generally, artists have made their money by being paid for the initial work, selling the original art, and subsequently making prints and lithographs available for purchase.  Some illustrators are fortunate enough to make ancillary income from merchandise that utilizes their artwork, but this is not as common as one might think.

While the copyright and intellectual property law framework for artists and illustrators remains largely the same, many creators have seen their income drop as publishers, film marketers, and other clients turn to poorly-executed in-house Photoshop® artwork to save money.  At our company we have approached royalties and income for artists and illustrators in a manner that favors creators by helping provide them with a lifetime stream of revenue for themselves and for their heirs.

To the best of our knowledge a program of this kind has never been attempted before.    

We believe that great artwork enhances creative intellectual property, and without it some of the impact—some of the magic, you might say—is lost. If you are an artist or illustrator and control your own copyrights, please contact us today if you’re interested in participating in the® or™ Artists and Illustrators Program.