Customer eCare Program

Customer eCare™ Program

2-Customer eCareAt Eread Technologies, we take pride in knowing that our nine ecommerce properties will employ a variety of world-class customer service and support practices.  We believe our program will be unique and unlike anything offered by the majority of our competitors.  That’s why we’ve created what we call the Eread Technologies Customer eCare™ Program.

Superior Service, Happier Customers

Providing world-class care to our customers is more than just another part of doing business.  In reality, it is a critical component of our short and long-term success.

Which is why Customer eCare™ is more than just a name to us; it’s an integral part of our operational philosophy, and the key to our future as a company.  

From website support, pre-purchase questions, and ongoing technical support for our iOS and Android apps to post-purchase inquiries and returns, our eCare™ team will ensure that our customers have the best service and support experience in our industry.  Every customer of®,™,  and our seven additional ecommerce properties will enjoy nothing less than exceptional customer care that is that is fast, knowledgeable, courteous, and flexible.

The Eread Technologies Customer eCare™ Program Includes Access to the Following:

A team of dedicated eCare Associates specially trained in each of our key areas of operation including (but not limited to):

  • General Inquiries
  • Website Navigation
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Pre-Purchase Questions
  • RMA’s, Cancellations, Exchanges and Returns

In addition, customers will have access to the following eCare™ services:

  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support]
  • Dynamic Trouble-Tickets
  • Remote Customer Support