eBookWorm™ Program

1-LOGO-EBOOKWORM-HAT-TBThe eBookWorm Frequent Readers Program

Ereading.com® Wants to Reward it's Avid Readers!

To give back to its best customers, Ereading.com® will feature a unique program that provides a variety of discounts, special events, and other incentives.  The program's mascot will be Henry the Bookworm™, pictured above on the official logo (Please note that the logo and Henry's design may change slightly before launch). 

The eBookWorm program will provide customized sub-programs designed to fit virtually all of our customer demographics.

Fun Specialty Programs for Everyone

  • Fantastic Fiction Program

Discounts, merchandise tie-ins, and other incentives for science fiction, fantasy, and horror genre fans.

  • Romance Readers Program

Discounts, value subscriptions, and other incentives for fans of romance fiction.

  • Technology Readers Program

Discounts and special programs exclusively for the technology and computer book buyer.

  • Golden Reader Program

Discounts and other incentives for readers 55 and older.

  • Henry's Club Program

A program designed to encourage children aged K through grade 5 to discover the joy of reading.