Customer eChat™

Customer eChat™

An integral part of ® and™

3With eChat™ by ®, customers can easily opt-in to chat with friends, family, and fellow book-lovers around the world.

Best of all, eChat™ is 100% passive and requires that the customer “opt-in” before they send or receive chat requests.  This ensures user privacy and prevents unwelcome intrusions on the reading process.  This feature is part of the® Reading Time initiative, and is designed to ensure reading is just that–a quiet period to “get away from it all” inside the world of a book!

For customers who choose to use eChat™, using the system is easy, simple, and fun.  Through an easily-accessible menu in PocketReader™, our mobile app for iOS and Android, or through a desktop MyShelf™ or MyComicBook™ account™,  the customer is able to easily turn on eChat™.  The customer can then enter the eChat™ portal, giving them instant access to live chat rooms related to books, authors, and reading as well as Instant Messaging with friends and family.

eChat™ will work with all PC and Macintosh browsers.  Optional eChat™ functionality is an integral part of the MyShelf™ and MyComicBox™ customer control panel and library management systems on® and™.