Customer eForums™

Customer eForums™

An Integral Part of® and™

2With eForums™, customers can enjoy a fully-immersive social engagement platform allowing them to participate in in forum discussions with fellow book-lovers around the world.  

Best of all, eForums™ are 100% optional and available on-demand for any customer of® and™ or users of the™ social network for readers.

eForums™ are easy, safe, and fun.  Customers access the eForums™ through PocketReader™, our mobile app for iOS and Android, or through a desktop MyShelf™ or MyComicBook™ account™.  

Once inside the eForms™ portal, customers can enjoy detailed topics and discussions related to books, authors, and reading.  eChat™ will also be an opt-in addition, allowing customers to participate in individual or group chat sessions with family, friends, and fellow readers.

eForms™ will work with all PC and Macintosh browsers.  Optional eForums™ functionality is an integral part of™ and the MyShelf™ and MyComicBox™ customer control panel and library management systems on both® and™.