A World Beyond Standard Account Management.

Buy It All

The exclusive MyShelf™ system will allow customers to buy from an inventory of more than 22 million new and used print books, ebooks, audio and e-audio books, short stories and novellas, podcasts, and hundrds of thousands of reading-related merchandise items.

Manage It All

Customers will be able to manage all of their purchases including refunds directly from within the MyShelf™ system.  In addition, they’ll be able to sort their purchases into virtual “Shelves” within the system, allowing for the easy management of past and present purchases.  MyShelf™ will also be an integral part of the company’s free PocketReader™ app for iOS and Android operating systems, and customers will have the ability to scan and manage their existing print and ebook library lists, even if their ebooks were purchased elsewhere.

Communicate It All

Social networking has become an extraordinarily important and popular part of the reading experience.  To that end,® will be fully-integrated with their forthcoming™ social networking website for readers.  Part of™, and by extension MyShelf™, will be the company’s eReadChat™, eReadForums™, ePageIt™ book recommendation service, and more.

Trade It All

As the paradigm for modern bookselling transforms from print to digital, customers are increasingly asking for the right to sell or give away their pre-owned ebooks.  With the slow decline of print book sales, used bookstores are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat.  This confluence of change has opened the door to new ideas about how “used” ebooks and other digital texts are sold.® will be a pioneer in this space, offering revene sharing for authors and publishers who allow their books to be sold or traded through MyShelf™ and our future "used" ebook buying, selling, and trading website,