Our Mission and Values

Mission and Values-PNGOur Mission

At Ereading.com ® our mission is to become a leading independent provider of digital and physical books and other media products and services that educate, entertain, and connect our customers worldwide. 

Inspired by the wonder, power, and critical importance of reading and digital media, we are dedicated to supporting education and literacy programs while delivering innovation and quality that transforms the lives of our customers, our employees, and our stake holders.

Our Values

  • Integrity

At Eread Technologies, Inc.™ we conduct ourselves with integrity.  Period.  Because we believe that the best and only sustainable way to do business is with honestly, truthfulness, and sincerity, and that acting with fairness and ethics in all that we do is not only the right way to do business, but the only way we will thrive and succeed as a company in the years to come.

  • Responsibility

Our entire team at Eread Technologies believes we must be engaged and accountable for our individual actions. That our responsibility is not just to ourselves, but to our customers, our stakeholders, and our fellow team members.  Just as importantly, the idea of corporate responsibility extends to our role as citizens of the world.  To that end, our company is based upon a social-betterment business model that supports literacy and education through our Read and Change the World Direct Donation and Select Grants Program.

  • Accountability

When we make a commitment to our fellow team members, our customers, or our stakeholders, we recognize that we must be prepared to deliver on those promises every time.  With that in mind, we utilize a comprehensive in-house project management solution that enables our local and remote teams to work together to establish goals and standards, measure our success with our customers, and to communicate effectively on a global basis.

  • Commitment

We are passionate about delivering the world's best experiences to readers, writers, publishers, and everyone who loves books and reading, and we are working hard to deliver the next generation in online book superstores.  Our commitment to our customers and our stakeholders is to change the future of reading by building value into our entire business—from our technological infrastructure and ourCustomer eCare Program to our social-betterment business model and a great deal more.

  • Generosity

No matter how complete we may feel that our private lives are, our team at Eread Technologies recognizes that giving generously is one of the most important things we can do as a business.  We believe in supporting literacy and education causes worldwide, that's true; but we also believe in helping each other, our neighbors, and our communities.  Internally, Eread Technologies will offer a profit-sharing program for loyal employees.  Because generosity abroad is equally important at home, and "taking care of our own" makes us stronger as individuals and as an organization.

  • Respect

Last but not least, we greatly respect and value diversity among our team members, our customers, and our stakeholders.  We believe in the power of listening and considering multiple points of view, and know that the most powerful lessons, and most profitable strategies can, and often are, derived from considering something as simple as a new perspective on an old problem. We believe in open and direct communication, and because of this we are organic partners with our customers, our stakeholders, and our fellow team members.  In short, respect makes us better and stronger as a team, no matter who we are or where in the world we're located.