Our Philosophy

LOGO-Read and Change the World Version-PROD-TBAt Eread Technologies, Inc.™ and Ereading.com ®, “Read and Change the World” is more than simply a slogan or a program designed to support literacy and education; it also represents the core philosophy of our business and underscores the conviction of our founders and employees that books and reading can and do change the world for the better.

As lovers of books and education, our team believes that literacy begins at home, in the community, and in schools.  We think that teaching people of all ages to read and enjoy books helps them build a positive outlook toward life and the world around them, to become effective communicators, and to view learning as a life-long journey of discovery.  Because to read and learn is to enlighten; to illuminate the darkest corners of illiteracy, of ignorance, of fear.  It means showing all people, regardless of their age, economic position, or geographic location, that there is a road available to them that leads to a brighter future.

With the Read and Change the World™ Direct Donation and Select Grants Program, Eread Technologies, Inc.™ and Ereading.com ® are committed to providing financial support for a wide variety of literacy and education causes.  In practical terms, this means that a portion of every dollar we earn through Ereading.com ®, launchwords.com™, eLibraryBooks.com™, and our six additional domain properties will be contributed to a variety of deserving organizations and groups, including schools, across the United States and around the world.

Because at Eread Technologies, we believe—we know—that is imperative for children and adults of all ages be provided with the opportunity to receive the gift of literacy and education…not just for this generation, but for all the ones yet to come. 

Global Literacy Map – 2013

By shopping at our future reading-centric superstore or investing in us today, you too can help change the world through the power of reading!