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Scribd Offers 10,000 Digital Comics to Subscribers

SCRIBED LOG-TBWhen I read this headline, my initial reaction was, “so what?”

Ever since ebook subscriptions were introduced I have asserted that they are not a money-making business model…except for the retailers offering the subscriptions, and to a somewhat lesser extent, the publishers themselves.  In fact, only self-published content creators with a solid fan base might make enough money to live on with the subscription model. 

As of right now that is a big "maybe". 

If recent accounts from top-earning authors on Kindle are to be believed, their income under Kindle Unlimited is taking a real beating.  Another recent story on Digital Book World examined the ebook subscription models of Scribd and KU and found there may be significant issues with both business models.

An interesting bit about the comments on the Digital Book World article: many of the commenters seem to suggest that writers who insist on getting paid a fair rate for their work are betraying their fan base.  This attitude appears to be a nod to the continued de-valuation of books and the people who create them.  Considering how under-valued writer have always been in terms of earnings, this attitude becomes even more troubling.