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Statistics About the Staying Power of Print and the Growth of Ebooks

LOGO-Digital Book WorldThis article by blogger Dana Beth Weinberg at Digital Book World provides some interesting insight into the continued presence of a viable print book market and the growth of ebooks.

We have been aware of these kinds of statistics for some time. We predicted five years ago, when ebooks were growing at a relatively insane rate, that most bookstore who relied only on ebooks to stay afloat would likely sink as the market reached various saturation levels.  As it turned out, many did, from the independent Diesel Books to the corporate-owned Sony ebook store and quite a few others. 

That's why Eread Technologies, Inc. and® will offer over 19 million new and used print books as part of our extensive inventory.  Because we know that print books are here for the long-term.  Making sure our customers have access to one of the world's largest selections of is one of our most important goals.