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Waterstones Removing Amazon Kindles from Stores…Finally

LOGO-1-TheBooksellerOver at The Bookseller, Lisa Campbell reports that U.K. bookchain Waterstones is removing the Amazon Kindle from their brick-and-mortar storefronts.  It's about time!  Having Kindles for sale in the U.K.'s largest chain is like having Folgers Kiosks at Starbucks here in the U.S.. 

Not a really brilliant move if you want to build your brand in the eyes of consumers.  Not to mention keep them from heading over–permanently–to your competitor.

It constantly surprises me how many book retailers have learned nothing from Borders and the consequences of their "partnership" with Amazon.  Amazon will eventually be a viable outlet for authors who publish and/or distribute through our own division, but that's as close as I intend to let them get to our customers or our data.  Amazon is a company focused on domination, disguising it as customer service; Eread Technologies and its divisions are focused on books, authors, and readers.  Period.